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Client: Kroger | Food Manufacturing

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The nation's largest grocery store chain, Kroger, also operates one of the largest networks of private-label manufacturing in the country. After experiencing frequent downtime and inefficiencies at one of its Cincinnati-based plants, Kroger asked Abcon to develop a streamlined control system with line integration to increase productivity.

Challenges: Because the 24/7 manufacturing operation did not allow for shutdowns, installation and testing of the new control system would have to occur during holidays or other scheduled outages - with minimal downtime.

Solution: Abcon developed an integrated, operator-friendly control system package customized to plant operations, using the most current technology and the Rockwell Control Logix platform. We worked closely with Kroger's plant engineer to minimize disruption, installing and testing one portion of the system over the 24-hour Easter holiday. The new system increased efficiency by 45%.

Client: Total Baking Solutions | Baking Equipment Manufacturing

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Wilmington, OH-based Total Baking Solutions has supplied the bakery industry with custom ovens, conveyors, dough mixers, and other associated equipment for more than 60 years. Acting on a referral from an industry colleague, TBS contacted Abcon for help with an oven project for an end-user in Houston, TX.

Challenges: Timing was tight for the 250-ft-long cookie oven, which called for an electrical control system integrate with Honeywell safety equipment.

Solution: We met with TBS, submitted electrical drawings for approval, and designed and built the UL-Listed control panel in our shop. Once the baking equipment arrived in Houston, Abcon traveled there for installation and startup. We trained the operators to use the new system and stayed on-site until they were comfortable operating it.

The oven signaled a new era for TBS, combining their expertise in baking equipment with the efficiency and ease of an electrical control system.

Client: Corrugated Chemicals Inc. | Chemical Production

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Headquarters in Knoxville, TN, Corrugated Chemicals provides specialty chemicals and services to the corrugated packaging industry. When CCI's manufacturing operation in Cincinnati needed to increase capacity, they asked Abcon to handle both the procurement of equipment and the development of an automated control system for batching chemicals.

Challenges: CCI needed to boost production capacity quickly with a larger, more efficient blending system capable of heating 4,000 gallons of water. The system required a variety of equipment, for a manufacturing process with tight tolerances for temperature, quantities, agitation, time, and pH.

Solution: Tapping our broad network of suppliers, Abcon procured the necessary components, including a mixing tank that fit CCI's needs and budget. We then worked with the company's plant operations manager to modify the tank per their precise manufacturing specs, and developed electrical control systems for product dispersion. Installation, startup, and testing completed this turnkey project, which tripled CCI's batch sizes.

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